about us

We are not only concerned with results, but also the customer and consumer experience.


A team of 15 easy going nerdy digital millennials with rock solid experience (10 years) in digital business ventures.

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Using a swissknife of tools
(yes we also code our own)
and methodologies to improve CRO (conversion rate optimization)

for who?

We usually for for digital startups and ecommerce companies globally, but we are also working for the biggest beverage, the largest bank and the coolest app =)

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our tech

The best technology available is the one that can do the job right.

  • BigData

    Practical data implementations

  • DataScience

    Applied data solutions

  • Data Mining

    Scraping and data generation

  • Tech Data Modeling

    Data cleanse and advance segmentation

  • Predictive Analytics

    Guessing the future ? yeap

  • Analytics 360

    Licensed tools and dedicated services

  • Machine Learning

    The modern “Shoemaker” elves

  • Deep Learning

    Computer neural networks

  • AI

    Isaac Asimo’s worst dream come true

  • People Analytics

    Tracking touchpoints with real interactions

  • Development Solutions

    Coders and programmers having fun

  • Geofencing

    Following people's movement (scary!)

  • Geo Notifications

    Push notifications on-site

  • Biometric

    Put your finger where it should

  • People Movement

    Same as geofencing but scarier

  • DMPs

    Data management platforms

  • Dynamic Ads

    We are not all the same, so should your ads...

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